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AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

AI, Machine LearningThese are three terms that are heard all the time now, but often people still get confused about what each one really entails. Below is a quick rundown of each that will hopefully things out a little and give you a real insight as to what these interchangeable terms mean.Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is the broadest way in which to describe computer intelligence. Back in1956 it was described as “Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle is that a machine can be made to simulate it” at the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference. AI can come in various forms including game-playing computer programs and voice recognition systems.

Look Before You Leap

internet of thingsMost technologies go through a stage when everything seems possible. Personal computers in the early 1980s, the internet in the late 1990s and mobile apps around the beginning of this decade were like that. But so was the first unboxing of a Galaxy Note 7. In time, either suddenly or gradually, reality sets in. The internet of things still looks promising, with vendors and analysts forecasting billions of connected devices that will solve all sorts of problems in homes and enterprises. But the seams are starting to show on this one, too. As promising as the technology is, it has some shortcomings. Here are a few.

The fuel of the future

 big data and analytics​The growth of smart sensors, along with penetration of the internet and social networks in everyone’s life, has resulted in the generation of lots of data and has further contributed to the popularity of big data. According to a recent BMO Capital Market report, organisations are spending US$50 billion on big data and analytics, hoping to improve marketing impact on their business. This number adds credence to the idea that big data and analytics can help to transform a business. The web is full of examples of organisations that have used big data and analytics to optimise their business operations and make better, faster and more informed decisions. They have built analytics frameworks on their existing data to get more insights about their business, helping them to manage financial risk, improve the supply chain, design new products and launch more impactful marketing campaigns. The fact is that today’s most successful organisations are those that have a deeper grasp of their data.

Cloud Computing will disappear

Cloud ComputingIt is obvious tha​t t​he existing economic model is looking forward to its end. Flat-fee, shared, crowd-based or on-demand r​eplicas replaced far too many established business models in recent years. The long-term margin-oriented economy seems to be a discontinued model. We all have to adapt to the new normal: becoming more flexible than ever, in order to react fast enough to constantly changing demands and requirements in a highly competitive environm​ent. In short, to be agile.​ Players like Spotify, Netflix, car2go, AirBnB, Microsoft or Amazon have already changed industries like media, music, transportation or IT irrevocably, and there are many more to come and stay. They all share the same concept: Offer their products on-demand, as a service and bill their customers either only on what they use or for an incredible low flat-fee. They make profit by winning the long tail, reaching the tipping point and spending money only on resources while they use them.

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