CAD Conversion – Paper to CAD

CAD GIS Team provides precision paper to CAD conversion and drafting services. We are capable of converting your existing paper copies into electronic CAD files. The paper copy drawings are 100% manually drafted into CAD to match the original sheets. All CAD files are drafted at full-scale, dimensionally accurate and 100% line connections with AIA layering or a layering system of your choice.
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CAD Drafting

Our team can understand and convert hand sketches, complex paper drawings, hand scribbles and survey notes into CAD drawings. We can also take up your basic concept design ideas and turn them into real drawings.
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2D to 3D modeling

We provide modeling services for customers moving from the 2D to the 3D world. We can assist you in re-creating converting your sketches, ideas and drawing concepts to accurate, hi-quality, detailed, 3D Models. These 2d to 3d converted models can be suited as presentation graphics, accurate inputs for subsequent tests as well as to prepare Prototype models using rapid prototyping techniques. We provide 3D models in formats which are compatible with: AutoCAD, Pro/E, Solidworks, Archicad, Revit, Rhino, 3DS Max.
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3D modeling and rendering

We are well experienced in developing 3D models and photo realistic renderings for various industries. We have done all kinds of 3D models from Architectural to Mechanical. Services also include creating 3D floor plans, Interior and exterior renderings, Architectural animations and complex 3D product models.
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Industry Application Areas

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Samples for your Reference

CAD resources to leading architectural and engineering firms — fast. So you can:

  • • Access top quality CAD talent on demand
  • • Scale your business up and down as required
  • • Keep your fixed costs low and maintain maximum flexibility
  • • Keep your customers happy
  • • Maximize your profits

Our Services

Architectural drafting services

Structural drawings, HVAC drawings, Fire alarm system drawings, , Plumbing drawings, Landscape plans, Interior layouts

Survey drawings, Topographical site drawings and Plans

Flooring details, Ceiling details, Joinery details, Shop drawings.

Floor area calculations

We provide all above mentioned services under one-roof, our drawings are as per your country building codes and specifications

CAD drafting services

Expert in CAD drafting services, Paper to CAD conversion, Free hand drawn sketches to CAD. Old plans to the desired output

Raster to vector, CAD drafting

Accurately convert scanned copy (TIF, JPEG, BMP, PDF) to CAD, DWG, DXF, DGN and any other required format

All manual conversion of scanned files and blueprints

Underfloor heating and cooling CAD drafting services

Solar drafting services

Construction documentation services

To start from a rough/hand sketch, we are fully capable to design development includes:

Detail Layout Plan, Site Plan/Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections, Details drawings

Partition marking Plan, Interior – Elevations, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Toilet Layout, Toilet Details

Foundation Plans, Structure drawing, Electrical Plans, Fire fighting and Emergency Exit route Plans, Interior Layout Plans, Topographic Plans

Door and window Details, Prefabrication Drawings, Cabinet Details Furniture Details, Shop drawings

Geospatial services


Data Conversion
Utility Mapping
LiDAR processing
Customized solution
GIS application development services
Software development
Customized solutions for your requirements

BIM and 3D Modeling

We have a strong team for BIM (Architecture, Structural and MEP)

Point Clouds in Revit: Expertise in creating a 3D Model from Laser scanned point clouds. CGT is supporting many companies for 3D point cloud scans to 2D floor plan plans, where we process the scan point cloud to CAD floor plan using survey pictures and Google earth

We can provide a real 3D model based on the drawings. we provide complete building Information model with the high level of precision.


Our CAFM service helps our customer in making strategic planning, space inventory, space management and assessment of occupied and free space for a particular area.

All conversion are manually drafted with full scale to your specific layers.

Area calculations

Using BOMA standards. Floor plan digitization as per your standards

Fully capable to support on outsourcing-BPO/KPO business process